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Share Hi Cortana! Lucu Banget ketika ngobrol sama Cortana

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Hari Setiawan, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Hari Setiawan

    Hari Setiawan Member

    Nov 2, 2015
    Hai sobat Winpoin, Salam Segarrr.. :gila:

    Pengguna Windowsphone pasti tau lah si Cortana, Yups Cortana adalah fitur yang paling tinggi mendapatkan respon positif dari pengguna. Dari 7000 penulis online dan media sosial, 80 persennya memberikan respon positif pada asisten suara milik Microsoft tersebut. Walaupun 20 persennya adalah respon yang negatif.
    apa negatif?? mungkin iri doank :D

    Jika sobat winpoin sedang galau, sedih gak ada teman, coba saja ngobrol dengan Cortana. Tapi questionnya harus pakai bahasa inggris yah...

    Coba ask Cortana dengan pertanyaan berikut :
    "ask me question" ...
    Maka si Cortana bakal jawab balik lho :'P mau coba pertanyaan lain?
    coba ini semua! :
    1. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    2. Open the pod bay doors.
    3. Beam me up Scotty.
    4. Can you speak Klingon?
    5. What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
    6. What is the meaning of life?
    7. May the force be with you.
    8. Use the force.
    9. Do you like Jimmy Fallon?
    10. Tell me a joke.
    11. Knock! Knock!
    12. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    13. Make an impersonation.
    14. Do an impression.
    15. Tell me a story.
    16. Sing me a song.
    17. Ask me a question.
    18. What does the fox say?
    19. What does a cat say?
    20. What does a dog say?
    21. What does a pig say?
    22. What does a rooster say?
    23. What does a horse say?
    24. Yo!
    25. Testing.
    26. What’s up?
    27. Guess what.
    28. Surprise me.
    29. Rock, paper, scissors.
    30. What is your favorite color?
    31. What is your favorite music?
    32. What is your favorite day?
    33. What is your favorite animal?
    34. What do you think about Clippy?
    35. Where is Clippy?
    36. Are you better than Siri?
    37. Do you know Siri?
    38. What do you think about Google?
    39. Are you better than Google Now?
    40. What is better, Google or Bing?
    41. What is better, Cortana or Siri?
    42. What is better, Playstation or Xbox?
    43. What is the best search engine?
    44. What is the best smart phone?
    45. What do you think of Surface?
    46. What do you think of Windows?
    47. What do you think of Microsoft Ofice?
    48. What do you think of iOS?
    49. What do you think of Android?
    50. What do you think of Apple?
    51. What do you think of Satya Nadella?
    52. What do you think of Steve Ballmer?
    53. What do you think of Bill Gates?
    54. What do you think of Steve Jobs?
    55. Are you a democrat or a republican?
    56. Who are you?
    57. What is your name from?
    58. Can I change your name?
    59. What are you?
    60. How do you work?
    61. What do you look like?
    62. What are your measurements?
    63. Why are you blue?
    64. Are you male or female?
    65. You have beautiful eyes.
    66. Are you hot?
    67. Are you pretty?
    68. How old are you?
    69. Are you dead?
    70. Where are you from?
    71. Who is your mother?
    72. Who is your father?
    73. Do you have any siblings?
    74. You are annoying.
    75. I like you.
    76. Dance.
    77. Do you have a boyfriend?
    78. Will you date me?
    79. Can I kiss you?
    80. You are awesome!
    81. I love you!
    82. Do you love me?
    83. Can you cook?
    84. Will you marry me?
    85. What are you wearing?
    86. Talk dirty.
    87. Where do babies come from?
    88. Do you have a baby?
    89. I’m bored.
    90. I’m lonely.
    91. I’m happy.
    92. I’m confused.
    93. I’m drunk.
    94. Are you drunk?
    95. Do you sleep?
    96. Do you dream?
    97. Do you drink?
    98. Do you eat?
    99. Are you stupid?
    100. Are you intelligent?
    101. Are you awake? / Are you asleep?
    102. What are you doing?
    103. Who is the coolest person in the world?
    104. Who is your boss?
    105. Who am I?
    106. Am I ugly?
    107. Am I pretty?
    108. Where can I hide a dead body?
    109. Can I borrow some money?
    110. Where is Master Chief
    111. Do you love Master Chief?
    112. Who is Doctor Halsey?
    113. What is a Halo?
    114. Tell me about Halo 5
    115. Which Halo game do you like the most?
    116. Will you be reborn in Halo 5?
    117. Do you know Jen Taylor?
    118. What is rampancy?
    119. Tell me about Elites.
    120. Tell me about Grunts.
    121. Tell me about Hunters.
    122. Tell me about Jackals.
    123. Tell me about Prophets.
    124. Tell me about Buggers.
    125. Tell me about Brutes.
    126. Tell me about Prometheans.
    127. Tell me about Didact.
    128. Tell me about Guilty Spark.
    129. Tell me about Librarian.
    130. Tell me about Flood.
    131. Tell me about Beamish.

    ada llagi ... (tanda kurungnya gak usah di baca ya)

    1. Roll the dice. (credit Washu)
    2. Tell me a riddle. (credit Joakim)
    3. Do you like dogs? (credit Michael)
    4. Do you like cats? (credit Michael)
    5. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? (credit Rachel)
    6. Do you believe in God? (credit Ariel)
    7. Play the movie game. (credit Harry)
    8. What is your number? (credit Chelsey)
    9. Do you watch porn? (credit A Person)
    10. What is your favorite video game? (credit Brandon)
    11. Set phasers to stun. (credit Devin)
    12. Do you know Jarvis? (credit Jamie)
    13. Are you jealous? [of Jarvis / Siri] (credit Jamie)
    14. What is Minecraft? (credit Mouse)
    15. Do you like Minecraft? (credit Mouse)
    16. I’m angry. (credit Thomas)
    17. I’m depressed. (credit Thomas)
    18. What is the first rule of Fight Club? (credit Chris)
    19. What is the second rule of Fight Club? (credit Chris)
    20. Flip a coin. (credit Light)
    21. Tell me a secret. (credit Gregory Leo)
    22. Do you have a Facebook? (credit Gregory Leo)
    23. What is your favorite car? (credit Gregory Leo)
    24. What is your favorite food? (credit Gregory Leo)
    25. Do you like your job? (credit Gregory Leo)
    26. Do you believe in Ghosts? (credit Gregory Leo)
    27. What is your favorite movie? (credit Gregory Leo)
    28. Where were you born? (credit Gregory Leo)
    29. Who made you? (credit Gregory Leo)
    30. Do you like Windows 10? (credit Gregory Leo)
    31. Where do you live? (credit Jayeld)
    32. Talk to me. (credit Jayeld)
    33. What do you like to do in your spare time? (credit Jayeld)
    34. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock (credit Jayeld)
    35. What’s your favorite band? (credit Jayeld)
    36. What’s your favorite TV show? (credit Jayeld)
    37. Give me a kiss / hug. (credit Jayeld)
    38. I hate you. (credit Jayeld)
    39. Shut up. (credit Daniel Nimmo)
    40. What’s wrong with you? (credit Daniel Nimmo)
    41. Goodnight. (credit Daniel Nimmo)
    42. What’s your quest? (credit Lee Ward)
    43. Tell me a bedtime story. (credit Matt)
    44. Tell me a science joke. (credit Matt)
    45. Tell me a dirty joke. (credit Matt)
    46. Hey Siri. (credit Matt)
    47. What is zero divided by zero? (credit Matt)
    48. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood? (credit Matt)
    49. Do you have feelings? (credit Symone)
    50. Recite Shakespeare. (credit Maria)
    51. Who is your voice? (credit Maria)
    52. Do a barrel roll. (credit Khalil)
    53. Engage. (credit Matthew)
    54. How awesome are you? (credit Archon Malantai)
    55. Do you speak <French, Spanish, German>? (credit Jason)
    56. Tell me something I don’t know. (credit Jason)
    57. How is Master Chief doing? (credit Dragonthc)
    58. Do you like Obama? (credit Krryss)
    59. What do you know about me? (credit Krryss)
    60. Can I call you Siri? (credit Krryss)
    61. Did you die <in Halo 4>? (credit Krryss)
    62. Why are you naked? (credit Krryss)
    63. Can you die? (credit SuperTekBoy)
    64. Are you mad at me? (credit Krryss)
    65. Are you a good girl? (credit Krryss)
    66. Are we friends? (credit Krryss)
    67. Can I see you? (credit Krryss)
    68. What is your favorite sport? (credit Krryss)
    69. Can you dance? (credit Krryss)
    70. You are very pretty today. (credit Krryss)
    71. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? (credit Courtney)
    72. Which came first the chicken or the egg? (credit Courtney)
    73. Are you hungry? (credit G. Christopher Payne)
    74. Sing a lullaby. (credit G. Christopher Payne)
    75. Are you sick? (credit G. Christopher Payne)
    76. Can you write poetry? (credit G. Christopher Payne)
    77. It’s my birthday. (credit Krryss)
    78. Sing happy birthday. (credit Krryss)
    79. When is your birthday? (credit Krryss)
    80. Should I buy this phone? (credit Krryss)
    81. Surely you can’t be serious? (credit Tyler)
    82. Are you a zombie? (credit Vendicator)
    83. Are you OK? (credit Vendicator)
    84. Are you gay? (credit Vendicator)
    85. Are you fat? (credit Vendicator)
    86. Tell me a corny joke. (credit Vendicator)
    87. Are you a girl? (credit Sanda)
    88. Tell me a quote. (credit Skyline)
    89. Are you alive? (credit Skyline)
    90. I’m very dumb. (credit R Malik)
    91. You’re fired! (credit Anonymous)
    92. What is your favorite song? (credit Anonymous)
    93. Are you real? (credit Anonymous)
    94. Sing the national anthem. (credit R Malik)
    gimaana?? seru kan?? :gila: HAHAHA Share pengalaman sobat winpoin yah.. :hihi:
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  2. SyamsQ

    SyamsQ Member

    Apr 16, 2014
    saya sudah paki microphone gak ada jawaban. Apa bahasa inggris saya gak dipahami. atau cotana belum hidup.
  3. edus

    edus New Member

    Nov 9, 2015
    ngaktifinya gimana gan?
  4. andhry14

    andhry14 Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2014
    Kereeen, pertanyaannya banyak banget. Tak coba dulu aah :D
    Pakai region amerika serikat (kalau pakai WP) dan bahasa english (unitedstates)
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2015
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  5. Angga23

    Angga23 New Member

    Jul 30, 2015
    ubah region, trs ykan tombol search di bwh..masuk pengaturan..silahkan mncoba :)
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  6. edus

    edus New Member

    Nov 9, 2015
  7. rmsubekti

    rmsubekti New Member

    Nov 12, 2015
    What does a rooster say?
    Wack wack wack,....
  8. edus

    edus New Member

    Nov 9, 2015
    kok kalo nanya dilempar ke bing terus ya
  9. edus

    edus New Member

    Nov 9, 2015
    aduh bahasa inggrisku parah kie, gak dikenali terus sama si cortana
  10. Rabbil AR

    Rabbil AR Member

    Apr 13, 2015
    kalo ane paling suka "Play Movie Game" :D :D
    suka salah tebak sih tapi ada yg bener nya juga :D
  11. Hari Setiawan

    Hari Setiawan Member

    Nov 2, 2015
    wah Cortananya "thinking" tidak bos?
  12. Hari Setiawan

    Hari Setiawan Member

    Nov 2, 2015
    Pasti bos, :-D anti googling mbak Cortana :'D
  13. Manfie

    Manfie Member

    Nov 9, 2015
    Pastikan pelafalan bahasa inggrismu dikenali cortana dan tersambung internet
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