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Richmond : aws and devops - Eduard Kabrinskiy

Discussion in 'General' started by Tetragrak, May 23, 2021.

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    Dec 27, 2014
    Eduard Kabrinskiy - Tfs continuous integration - Рдуард Кабринский

    <h1>Tfs continuous integration</h1>
    Tfs continuous integration <a href="http://remmont.com">Today's national news</a> Tfs continuous integration
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    <h3>TFS, Automated Testing and Continuous Integration</h3>
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    <p>TFSBuild is an incredibly customisable tool. Many out there might already use it to build and deploy their applications to test environments. These might be virtual environments, lab environments or in the cloud somewhere. What I want to discuss in this article is how we can use TFS to automatically test our test environments. That is, define a set of 'Post-Deployment' tests that can be run against a test environment after the latest version of the codebase has been deployed to it. These tests might just check all components have been deployed correctly and are available or they might actually try to exercise functionality and the end to end operation of your system.</p>
    <p>This is continuous integration at it's best. I can get daily, even hourly, feedback on the operation of the latest version of my system. There are no nasty surprises at the end of a development cycle and we can hand an environment over to testers knowing it is fit for purpose.</p>
    <p>How to deploy your applications from TFSBuild is out of the scope of this article and very much depends on what you are deploying and where you want to deploy it to. What I will talk about is how to customise TFS Build to allow you to run a set of 'Post-Deployment' tests and also a discussion on what these tests might look like and other issues that you may face.</p>
    <p>Example code is supplied and written using VS 2010 and against TFS 2010 although exactly the same principles apply to TFS 2012. <br /></p>
    <p>I guess you came to this post by searching similar kind of issues in any of the search engine and hope that this resolved your problem. If you find this tips useful, just drop a line below and share the link to others and who knows they might find it useful too.</p>
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    <h2>Tfs continuous integration</h2>

    <h3>Tfs continuous integration</h3>
    Tfs continuous integration <a href="http://remmont.com">Top news stories today</a> Tfs continuous integration
    <h4>Tfs continuous integration</h4>
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    <h5>Tfs continuous integration</h5>
    Tfs continuous integration <a href="http://remmont.com">Tfs continuous integration</a> Tfs continuous integration
    SOURCE: <h6>Tfs continuous integration</h6> <a href="https://dev-ops.engineer/">Tfs continuous integration</a> Tfs continuous integration
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