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Ask Two key things breakers I feel like if you use

Discussion in 'General' started by patricia scott25, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. patricia scott25

    patricia scott25 New Member

    Dec 26, 2015
    Two key things breakers I feel like if you use a setting spray it’s definitely going to make your concealed stay longer and then whatever's leftover I kind of put up closer to these areas where have fine lines that way it's less product less creasing immediately Duaderma after I put myconcealer on I just quickly said it with my own stocking a barely held banana powder I love this color because its bright need a fun and it gives your contour and ice grey and so it's not just a harsh line and then glamorous foundation routine it's for when you have an eye out special occasion or when you're planning on wearing eyeliner makeup likely if you better interested in my by Mary womanizer by the bomb right on top of that in ok I like to also take .

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